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- Home purchaser - - Mrs. Hagit Parente - 7/1/2019 - comment
Leonard's service was impeccable. Very knowledgeable as well as patient while explaining all of the cast details which go into obtaining a house.I have referred him to every one of my friends whom are looking for a house.The whole process went smoothly though I have heard the nightmares that others have gone through.

- Leonard Kampf - - - 10/28/2013 - comment
I am in the insurance industry and one of my customers used this gentleman to refinance his home. We only had to deal with him in the mortgagee portion of the loan, however I have never dealt with a more UNPROFESSIONAL mortgage broker. He requested that we change the mortgage company on the homeowners policy and we advised we would make the change. We contacted our customer to verify that this was at their request and he agreed. In the mean time, Mr. Kampf called our office numerous times and cursed and yelled at my employees and at me, he advised me using the F word that we were unprofessional. I would never refer a customer or a friend to someone who feels it is appropriate to speak to people using innapropriate language.
      - 8/1/2015 - This man, whom is married has been known to have an ongoing affair with one of his clients. He also smokes pot (which is still illegal) on a regular basis. He has also supplied pot to his client with whom he is having the affair. He is rude, arrogant & feels he is above the law, his license restrictions & his marriage vows. Steer clear. This is not someone you want to trust your money with or family to be around. I have personal feelings for the woman he is messing with & it is sad he is taking such advantage of this lovely lady. - 7/1/2019 - Please disregard both erroneous slanders. As far as the insurance company: They got their feeling hurt due to charging an over escalated premium and that I moved their client to a different carrier with a lower premium. You should never take advantage of a client.

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